Storm Isle Productions

A newly formed Game Development Studio located on the East Coast of the United States. RTS games are our main focus.

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Storm Isle Productions is teaming up with a number of very talented developers in the Indie field, including those that already have a well-established background in the gaming industry with published games to their names.

Development Studio

As a fledgling studio it is slowly expanding its capabilities in development as it focuses on its flagship game “Disciples Of The Storm” and is looking forward to continue expanding its studio team.

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Founder Bio:  Nathan J. Hunt

Storm Isle Productions is currently run by Nathan J. Hunt who has been doing small mod projects in the game modding community for a number of years. Along with managing Storm Isle Productions, he entered the “Make Something Unreal” contest with an RTS mod for UT2k4 Uskaarj – which converted the UT FPS game into a full RTS inside UT and UT2k4. This mod received an honorable mention in the contest and was published in a number of gaming magazines.


Since then, Nathan has been doing small management jobs along with visualization concept designs for a few years. However returning back in 2007 to focus on RTS game development he is now focused on using the Unity3D engine. Nathan is directing his attention and efforts at managing and shaping Storm Isle Productions into a growing studio.