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To those who have been closely following the project there have been a number who have asked and messaged us about why the sudden stop of all development news on the NetstormII site.

I just want to bring everyone up to-date on what has been happening with the team and project.

Last fall we asked the original head of Titanic Entertainment to contact Activision on our behalf about the possibility of getting an official license for the fan remake Netstorm II. Unfortunately, due to lack of interest from Activision, it didn't work out. So we went back to the drawing board, and after many internal team meetings and consultations we agreed that the project would proceed under a new name and game world, along with adjustments to game unit meshes to avoid any copyright and IP problems that might arise to further develop the new game into a fully polished RTS game.

Things to take note about the new direction: game play will still be set on floating islands in the sky with battling priests leading their tribes to victory, and game mechanics will remain basically the same but with some new improvements. Also as part of adjusting buildings and some units to avoid some IP issues the team will be bringing the original head art director onto the team as a special consultant adviser. She shaped the art direction and style of the original Netstorm game and this will give our new world the same type of art style.

Also, as we move forward with developing the new IP the development will be handled by the newly established studio "Storm Isle Productions". This new small Indi studio will be focused on breathing new life into an old game style and bringing it up to-date...

As part of developing the new game and ensuring a growing user base we will be working to ensure the game is fully compatible with Kongregate games so users who already have player accounts on Kongregate will be able to use existing accounts. The game will also be available at a later date through Steam..

We have already lined up initial basic project funding backing that will be helping the team ready our showcase demo for kickstarter, allowing us to get a polished build together before we showcase the new world for the kickstart which will help us develop some of the more advanced features we have planned.

Once we are nearer to launching the kickstarter we will unveil some of the perks contributors will get access to for backing our kickstart..

For everyone on the team these are very exciting times and we are looking forward to working with some of the original development team of Netstorm in bringing forth a new world to the players like you reading this.

We will be shutting down the NestormIIHQ website and moving project development over to a new site Storm Isle Productions site that will be launched soon.

CEO Storm Isle Productions LLC

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